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About GothicGypsy's Services:

25+ years of experience in the area of Paganism and Pagan practices!

I read many areas of your life, including: love, relationships, career, family, money, life paths, spiritual development, cheating & break-ups.

I read the energy and emotions surrounding your situation/question, not just in the now, but further up the road as well. How things will affect you (positively and negatively), how people in the situation feel, and what possible actions can lead to what possible outcomes.. those are the answers that I will obtain for you when you purchase a reading with me in live chat on LivePerson. I want you to feel as though your time with me has value, and I'll strive to bring clarity and peace of mind to you.

Other services: I provide exercises for expanding spiritual awareness and strengthening psychic abilities. I can also assist you in learning meditation.

LGBT friendly. :)

Experience & Qualifications

Since I was 6, my mother (also a psychic) worked to instill in me a strong foundation in both the use and strengthening of my abilities, including those as an empath, a psychic, and a energy/magic worker. I have years of experience with energy channeling (sending/receiving/manipulation), meditation and magical work in general. I have always been a powerful worker of energy, and have been able to lay healing hands upon people since I began with my Grandmother's arthritic hands, when I was 6. I have been practicing divination (fortune-telling) for myself and others for over 20 years, and I have experience (both personal, and in the classroom) with many different faiths and philosophies.


5th Generation Spiritualist, raised by a psychic, with 25 years of experience in empathic energy reading, energy channeling/healing, and divination (fortune telling).

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