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Get one on one with Thelemic Waves Tarot - Tarot Reading and Paganism in Los Angeles right now. 3 years of career in Paganism.

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I will give you guidance and advice regarding any matter you have a question about. We can explore the p

I will conduct tarot readings concerning any matter you want to discuss. This can range from existing relationships with friends, lovers, business dealings, or just about anyone. Also we can explore the outcomes of decisions you may be facing, or look ahead to find the benefits of what life has in store for you. Tarot is especially useful in exploring your spiritual path, to help you discover what has manifested in this life time for you and where you can be going. There is no matter too great or too small for Tarot to explore.

I use the Book of Thoth tarot deck but have several others I keep on hand for extended questions. The above 15 card spread is the one that I use most frequently. It provides excellent details into the issue you bring to me. Several possible outcomes will be shown to me as well as the nature of the influences around you, both those which you can control and gain from and those which you cannot change or do anything about but must adapt to.

Live readings can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a full hour depending on the depth of your concerns. I will gladly respond to any questions you want answered and willingly explain in detail any concerns you have about the reading as I am giving it to you.

Experience & Qualifications

For the past 25 years (at the time of this writing) I have been giving readings to others live in person, at parties, over the telephone, or through the mail and Internet. I was first introduced to the tarot at the age of 14 and have made it a major part of my life since. I have also been initiated into several traditions of the magickal arts, all of which in some way or another are created to grant greater understanding of the various symbolic natures which the tarot also uses. My education in this way involves magickal symbolism, Qabalah, and Astrology (all related, by the way). I also am a student working towards a Masters in Psychology with 72 credit hours currently under my belt (yeah, should be nearly done by now, but life has many things to offer sometimes).

This is my personal natal chart. I want you to know that the 12th house aspects indicate the nature of my mission here today. I want to be here for you and your needs. I will not be satisfied until you feel you have found the help you need. please do not choose to "hire me" until we are both confident that we have achieved a right connection and I tell you that I am ready to resolve your conflicts. Also I would like to warn you that with my natal sun opposite my natal Neptune, I am prone to become emotionally attached in your issues and find it very helpful if you keep me up-to-date. I have a powerful need for feedback and appreciate it.


Initiated practitioner of the occult arts with much study in the fields of Astrology, Qabalah and Tarot. 25 years experience reading tarot and 12 years Astrological Counseling. College level studies in behavioral psychology & relationships.

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